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Andy McGrath
Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Owner
Andy has over 30 years’ experience in industry and the public sector. He has built and led many teams to improve performance through coaching and changing behaviour. Over the past 13 years Andy has worked in, and in partnership with, over 30 health and social care teams including many leadership roles supporting financial recovery, turnaround and sustainable change.
As a result of increasing demand for his services Andy was able to establish Alamac in 2010. An innovate approach was developed which helped teams to think differently about performance improvement based on engaging teams across the health system in a simple way through a clinical method. This has helped to achieve rapid and sustainable results for the NHS.
Andy has applied his commercial and financial expertise to triple the size of Alamac over the past 4 years and to develop the team within it. Andy is also a family man who is passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs through University undergraduate and MBA programs.

Jo Cubbon
Jo trained as a Nurse and Health Visitor and worked clinically in both the UK and Russia. Jo became a Chief Executive in 2000 and worked in a number of acute Trust as a CEO until 2015.
Her interest in patient safety and staff engagement developed initially in her years as a nurse and continued as she became a Chief Executive. She has always been passionate about developing strong values and behaviours in teams and has led organisations believing firmly that consistent performance and care for patients is borne out of people knowing what is expected of them and being supported to deliver success with a set of behaviours which are consistent with strong values.
Jo also works as a magistrate in both family and adult work in the South West of England.

Sarah McGovern
Chief Operating Officer
Sarah is a highly experienced NHS clinician, who quickly demonstrates strong and credible leadership skills among colleagues and clients working with her. After training originally as a physiotherapist, with a 'can do' attitude Sarah rapidly progressed in her NHS career to take on a range of business development, performance and strategic management roles.
With a background in provision of health care services, Sarah is an advocate of integrated health and social care services, supported by effective care coordination and performance improvement systems. She has completed international research in this field.
Working with clients Sarah is passionate about supporting with frontline teams and clinicians to focus on using 'real time' information to improve performance and quality by helping patients transfer seamlessly through pathways of care.  
During her time with Alamac Sarah has worked with over 20 Health and Social care systems to improve performance through change management supporting integration within and across organisations developing collaborative relationships and accountability.

Michael Hawkes
Director of Technology & Analytics
Michael has worked in the NHS for eight years in a number of clinical and non-clinical roles. He is consistently innovative, and has played a key role in helping clinicians within the Greater Manchester health system to deliver better patient care through increased evidence based decision making and the development of bespoke operational tools.
As Director of Technology and Analysis, Michael is highly numerate with great attention to detail. He is skilled at turning complex and technical data into information that can be used operationally and strategically.
His experience in working with data sources from across public health, commissioning and provider organisations mean that he is adept at developing performance reports tailored to population need and pathways of care.
Working with clients, Michael is passionate in supporting teams to use information to improve performance and deliver high quality patient care.

Amanda Morgan
Senior Delivery & Quality Specialist
As a senior nurse with 30 years of NHS experience, Amanda has a combination of clinical and operational management experience. Amanda is an experienced leader of teams and projects which have included providing clinical leadership for mergers between hospitals. She retains a strong patient focus, and is passionate about working with staff at all levels of organizations so that the desire for improvement is owned by the people best placed to enact it.
During her time at Alamac, Amanda has led on a variety of acute and community ward and based improvement projects supporting teams to take back control of their data and use it to make improvements in patient care.

Marc Neil
Delivery & Quality Specialist
Delivering improvements in unscheduled care services has been the focus of Marc's role since starting work for the NHS in Northern Ireland in 2010 before joining Alamac in 2015.
With both a Masters in Engineering and a Masters in Health and Public Leadership, he brings a discipline to his role in grasping the mechanics of an organisation and understanding its processes to support service improvement. Recognised for his swift ability to identify and bring together all the information required to make positive changes to working practices, Marc has established a strong reputation for himself among senior clinicians and managers within the acute sector in Belfast. His personal approach and enthusiasm support developing a culture for improvement within teams, where delivering great patient care is always the shared goal. Marc sees it simply as 'helping people to help people' taking great pride in supporting the NHS and the talents of its workforce.

Jonny Morgan
Delivery & Quality Specialist
Jonny joined Alamac in May 2016 having previously worked in NHS management for 4 years. After initially graduating through the NHS Management Training Scheme he has gained valuable experience working within provider and commissioning organisations, as well as Public Health management.
Jonny believes that long lasting change within healthcare systems is only achieved through strong relationships, collaborative working and evidence-based decision making. With a Masters degree in Health Informatics and an energy and enthusiasm for working alongside large teams, he is passionate about supporting clinicians and managers to deliver sustainable improvements together.

Kerry Lawler
Senior Analyst
Kerry joined Alamac as a Senior Data Analyst in September 2015.  Kerry develops bespoke reports and customised programs that help clients analyse their data in the most effective and intelligent way. She is committed to improving performance for the health and wellbeing of patients.
Prior to joining Alamac, Kerry held several permanent and contracting roles within both private and public sector as an MI Developer.

Sarah Motley
Senior Analyst
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Owen Griffith
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Phil Brown
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Lyndsey McGrath
Lyndsey McGrath
Financial Director
After a successful 20 year career with one of the top ten financial institutions, Lyndsey co-founded Alamac with husband Andrew in 2010. With a professional background and proven track record in creating administration and accountancy systems to support the growth of new businesses, Lyndsey has replicated her 'tried and tested' approach within Alamac. Her pride in the team abounds. She frequently cites her colleagues as inspirational for their hard work, determination and loyalty. Equally all those working with Lyndsey hold her in the highest regard for her attention to detail and organisational skills that are second to none. She plays a fundamental role in ensuring the smooth running the company for the benefit of the entire team and company clients.

Shirley Kerr
Finance and Administration Officer
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Rebekah Owen
Alamac Administration Team
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