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  • We support system management and operational grip through our simple process, clinical method, and technology.
  • We work with the operational and strategic leads and frontline teams across health and social care systems.
  • We train and coach teams in the use of our technology, ‘The Kitbag’, and how to use data as ‘information and intelligence’ to take informed actions and decisions to enable daily grip.
  • We help develop a shared vision and purpose, creating a shift from a reactive problem-solving mindset to pro-active, evidence based action.
  • We facilitate organisations that are grappling with what it takes to make a success of working in new care models, sustainability and transformation partnerships, and accountable care systems.


  • We provide bespoke analytics at all levels of health and social care systems; from individual wards, acute specialties, acute trusts, community providers, primary care, social care, and whole health systems.
  • Our expertise in statistical analysis and techniques allows us to create powerful simulation and forecasting models, allowing our partners to predict poor performance, and take proactive action.
  • We are expert in the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. We apply our expertise to organisational and system wide data to describe, predict, and improve performance.
  • We create bespoke operational and performance reports, tailored to meet the needs of our partners.
  • We acquire information from multiple sources, assuring the quality, accessibility and utility of acquired data.


  • Improving quality is about making health care safe, effective, patient centred, timely, efficient and equitable.
  • We aim to bring about a measurable improvement by applying specific methods within a health care setting.
  • We establish a culture of quantifying and objectively understanding patient safety, quality of care, organisational and system wide performance. This allows individual clinicians, teams, and whole organisations to understand the cause and effect of their actions.
  • We help to communicate the results of quality improvement. Creating a framework and infrastructure of “ward to board” reporting.
  • We commit to ongoing evaluation, ensuring that quality improvement is an ongoing process.

Testimonial: "Sustainable results"

"A confidence in the results being sustainable for our patients"

- CEO, Northern Ireland Trust

Testimonial: "Sustained good practice"

"The Alamac approach ... has played a crucial role in delivering sustained good performance for our patients"

- Chair of Urgent Care Group, England CCG

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