Access Alamac COVID-19 Recovery Support

Access Alamac COVID-19 Recovery Support quickly and with confidence through Crown Commercial Services.

Alamac have already deployed a range of tools which could help your ongoing response to the crisis, including our FREE Sitrep COVID-19 Dashboard and our Care Homes Data Capture Tool.   Our Ward Tools are available to support recovery by ensuring ward based SAFER processes are followed and enabling ward accreditation.  Demand, Capacity and Flow models are also available to run ‘what if scenarios’ around Urgent and Elective Care.

Alamac are proud to be a supplier through the Crown Commercial Service. We are registered on two Frameworks

  1. RM3745 – Management Consultancy Framework
  2. RM6008 – Management Consultancy Framework Two

That means that you can buy our services with confidence that we are a pre-approved supplier, follow the appropriate procurement processes and ensure value for money.

If you would like to find out more please contact:

Our analytical teams and information engines (fed with your data) will give your clinical and operational teams important and useful information to plan the patient journey, into, through and out of the hospital.

For more information on our winter offer and to get started on improving your Patient flow, contact:

Kate Hannam at: [email protected]