Patient Outcomes – Managed Staff Solutions

Meeting the staff and skill shortage in the NHS

Workforce has been identified as a greater challenge to the NHS than funding1 and staff numbers are failing to keep pace with increasing demand in many areas. If existing workforce shortages and deficits continue, they will severely hinder progress and the delivery of the NHS Long Term plan. To overcome the workforce challenge and move towards better workforce planning, there needs to be a focus on developing the capability and productivity of our existing workforce.


How can we help?

At Alamac we work with NHS leaders to understand what they want to achieve and explore their skill gaps. We develop a bespoke ‘managed solution’ focusing on an outcomes-based approach with a clear risk share by providing skilled, experienced people who can work with clinical and operational teams to support sustainable change. The result is a ‘real’ partnership which ensures we both have something to gain. We deliver high quality outcomes and our NHS partners can evidence value for money.

Alamac supports its partners by providing a bespoke team of highly skilled and successful professionally trained leaders, who have a diversified skill set and a proven track record. The team can support at all level within an organisation and effectively engage clinical and non-clinical staff teams in change programmes.


Working with you to make genuine improvements

Alamac works with NHS leaders to avoid the risks of managing multiple interim staff where delivery of outcomes can be challenging. Our risk share approach provides a broad multilevel solution for NHS leaders.

Underpinning our approach to sustainable improvement is:

  • A simple process
    • We collect all relevant objective information and intelligence into one place and ensure that everyone who needs to see this information can do so


  • A clinical approach
    • We embed a disciplined approach where transparent information is reviewed and acted on daily, actions agreed and delivered
    • A unique technology
    • We use a unique and simple cloud-based tool for triangulating data, helping teams understand trends as well as cause and effect measures


But that’s not all…

  • We provide on-site support and coaching to help senior leaders and operational frontline teams implement change overcoming culture barriers through behavioural change
  • We produce bespoke, timely and relevant reports
  • We analyse data identifying cause and correlation of key measures which impact on performance and delivery of desired outcomes


What are the benefits?

  • Reduction in the use of interim staff and improved workforce planning through a managed solution with agreed outcomes and shared risk.
  • Key data analysis by our in-house experts helps our NHS partners understand and become experts in the correlation between cause and effect. This will increase the future productivity and value NHS teams can give.
  • A risk share approach delivers better value for money for the NHS and sees skills transferred and embedded in NHS teams helping to mitigate the risks associated with the current workforce approach.
  • Alamac manages ‘the whole team’ which means NHS leaders have a more coordinated approach and frees up their management time.