Why Alamac

We understand the challenges you face working in the NHS:

  • It can be challenging to implement improvements in a timely manner because of the day to day pressures of looking after patients.
  • Individuals and teams working in this complex environment often face difficult communication issues whilst trying to work across organisational boundaries.
  • Deep seated process and operational issues are so engrained in the ‘way we do things’ it can be almost impossible to change them without a substantial investment of time.
  • Different parts of the health system place their own interpretation and risk profile on each of their day to day indicators so it becomes difficult to connect the numbers together to tell the story of performance.
  • Yesterday’s performance is often known in great detail, and hindsight gives great knowledge of the problem, but how is this combined information used to create a culture of prediction to solve tomorrows problems today?

We can help you solve all of these problems:

  • Implement changes quickly but in an incremental way
  • Develop cross health system team work to create transparent communication channels
  • Fix patient flow issues and operational problems to improve performance
  • Connect all system data together to create an intelligent case for change
  • Create a culture of prediction to solve tomorrows problems today

We work alongside you to achieve your goals:

  • Our team are from the NHS and have managed these problems in real time
  • We get going immediately using daily test and learn cycles to engage your teams
  • We work alongside your teams to bring them all together to work on your problem(s)
  • Our empathetic approach means we can offer a kind challenge to break into the paralysis of change
  • We are objective and bring experience of how to solve these problems from over 30 similar organisations

The many benefits of working in partnership with us:

  • As improvements start to take hold, performance will improve and team morale will increase. This improves operational efficiency, productivity and finances.
  • As the patient flow processes are fixed, delayed discharges, waiting times and performance targets will improve. This improves patient experience, quality of care and finance.
  • As the system teams develop a tailored and flexed standard of ‘what good looks like’ performance can start to be predicted. This improves performance, quality of care and finance.
  • As our partnership develops we transfer our skills to your team on a continuous basis. This improves staff morale and supports your organisational development goal.
  • As we will know your organisation in an intimate way we can respond to your changing needs instantly. This provides great value for money to you.