People: Supporting the behavioural changes needed for a health system to work in an integrated way in 1st Quarter of 2019

The problem

CCG Board identified the need for whole-system response to patient flow challenges and urgent care pressures they identified that they needed and ‘objective partner’ to support the system to make the behavioural changes over a number of years to ensure continuous improvement in their processes and embed the performance delivery

What we did

Alamac developed a long term partnership with the CCG to deliver the whole system management approach. Our work with the CCG focussed on 3 key areas:

Bespoke reporting

We have delivered a bespoke suite of reports based on the data from each provider organisation. This gives the CCG the information they need to make better decisions each and every day. These reports covered the following:

  • System OPEL escalation report, deriving OPEL scores from organisational data and determining whether a ‘system call’ is required.
  • Providing daily snapshots of key metrics for CCG senior team.
  • Monitoring daily and weekly trends in activity and performance and activity at all ‘front door’ sites.
  • Monitoring daily community capacity and demand across a range of community providers and local authorities.

These reports provide valuable intelligence to the system and are now embedded in the day and daily working of BNSSG and were ‘co-designed’ with the CCG.

System call

We introduced a daily system call to help the CCG manage Urgent Care pressures using the data that we were providing.

Most health and social care systems operate a daily teleconference call approach to managing the urgent care system with a Multiagency attendance.  Many of these calls are used to provide SITREP updates of each organisation.  Our approach, supported by our kitbag, is different and instead of providing the function of SITREPs, our technology, simple process and clinical method delivered an action-based approach that is measured and reviewed daily.

We facilitated this call when it was first introduced and provided coaching and feedback for call chairs based on our experience and expertise to help them make good decisions based on the data available.

Support to system partners

We supported partner organisations with bespoke analysis and input in to operational meetings. Our NHS experienced team took on the role of a ‘critical friend’ in these meetings and provided expertise and feedback on analytics, performance improvement and operational management.

We spent time with staff throughout the BNSSG system, seeking to gather intelligence and understanding of how to make things better.

What we achieved

  • Enabled the CCG and all partner organisations to have much greater visibility of whole system data and be able to respond to pressures as a system when required. Data was collected from acute providers, community providers and local authorities, delivering a true ‘whole system’ view to the CCG.
  • Enabled individuals to have more grip on their daily performance and know their business.
  • Enabled improvements in 4 hour performance, especially during challenging winter periods.
  • Built capability of CCG staff to run system calls and manage performance and respond to pressures.
  • Regular analysis of winter data that informed organisational strategic planning.
  • Bespoke analysis work for acute Trusts that drove improvement work in key areas in the hospital.