About Us

The birth of Alamac

Alamac was started by my wife Lyndsey and I back in 2010. We picked the name with a family focus from the start – the business is actually a combination of my initials, my daughter Amy’s initial and my wife Lyndsey’s along with the ‘Mac’ from McGrath. We keep this family ethos to this day!

We worked for over 4 years with a number of hospitals to learn what help and support NHS teams really valued in order to help us understand how to build a unique set of services. Then, in 2014, we started to work with Jo Cubbon, (ex CEO, Taunton Hospital, and now our Chair) to help us develop this thinking into an offer that we could build a company around to ensure we could deliver this value to the NHS. At the same time, we agreed a set of values that would mirror those of the NHS and underpin our way of working and future growth.

Development of the Alamac team

To support this offer it became obvious that to truly understand our clients we needed to recruit and develop a team who could create immediate empathy with the NHS teams and have a deep understanding of the problems they faced. This led us to find a team of people who had either clinical backgrounds and or a strong background in the NHS.

By recruiting our amazing team we were able to differentiate ourselves from many other companies by creating an approach which would mean us becoming true long term partners with the teams we worked with. This approach meant we could really understand the teams and their changing needs over time. To compliment this we wanted to use a similar delivery method to that used by NHS clinicians. So we are able to assess, diagnose and monitor performance, on a daily basis, in order to improve outcomes and bring health and social care teams together.

Enabling our clients to achieve great results

Through the development of a simple piece of enabling technology we are able, using our experience, to bring large numbers of people across the health system together and get them discussing and understanding their performance as a team in order to diagnose and treat the problem in real time.

This meant we could offer targeted and tailored support over the long term whist delivering ever increasing value for money. And we know our approach has been effective to date as over the past 4 years 89% of our customers have renewed their partnerships with us. We are very proud of that.

Andy McGrath