Patient Plan – Scheduled Care

Patient Pathways -Scheduled care solutions to support elective Patient pathways

Meeting the cancer challenge

  • Cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in the UK
  • Waiting times for cancer treatment are at worst ever levels
  • The NHS cancer pathway is spanned by eight operational standards to try to improve outcomes, but in March 2019, a review was published putting forward significant changes to current standards. It included a simplification to three proposed standards with a focus on improving the time to diagnosis for urgent referrals

How can we help?

  • At Alamac we work with NHS leaders to help them understand which metrics they need to monitor alongside proven delivery strategies designed by NHS experts
  • Our cancer services solution addresses and increases transparency of performance, demand and capacity (elective, day case and non-elective) and most importantly reduces the unacceptable delays in cancer care for patients.
  • Our highly skilled delivery teams, using our unique Kitbag approach, work within cancer systems and alongside operational and clinical leaders to create change and improvement in clinical services and teams throughout the whole cancer system


Working with you to make genuine improvements

Three component parts help deliver sustainable improvement:

  • Simple process – transparent, objective information held in one place so that everyone can see and act upon the same intelligence
  • Clinical method – information is reviewed daily and used to make non-emotional observations, driving the most appropriate action to achieve real benefit
  • Technology – The Kitbag – cloud-based tool for triangulating data, helping teams to understand performance trends and ‘cause, correlation and interaction’ of key measures. We help you see ‘what good looks like’ and set up automated alerts


In addition:

  • Provision of a bespoke suite of reports and analysis to support the management of pathways and performance across cancer pathways
  • Our teams regularly attend performance and review meetings as well as meeting with those leading on and implementing change improvements
  • Delivery team days, offering onsite support, helping senior leaders and operational and frontline teams to support implementation, delivery and cultural/behavioural change within the system
  • Analysis of measures and data to identify and support the system to understand causation and correlation of key measures, impacting on performance. Helping teams to develop their skills to turn data into real-time operational intelligence that supports decision making processes

What are the benefits?

  • Key data analysed by our experts helps your teams understand cause and effect and make change where it is most needed
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships will ensure the project will progress at pace to a regional view
  • Patient experience, quality of services and performance will all be enhanced through the partnership
  • Inclusion of key metrics that support analysis of the Living Well and Beyond Cancer agenda
  • Supports forward planning and prediction
  • Supports analysis of what good looks like
  • Capture acute performance against key performance indicators, including the two-week wait, 31 day decision to treatment and 62 day standard.