Patient Safety – Ward Care

Ward and Department Solutions to Support Safe Patient Care

Meeting the need to evidence quality and safe care

Delivering the very best high-quality safe care to every patient is something all parts of the NHS will continuously strive to do.

In today’s NHS there is clear and current regulation throughout, with individual practitioners being accountable through professional registration and a requirement to produce evidence to demonstrate their fitness to practice and organisations being accountable through their legal obligations to meet defined quality standards and demonstrate clinical quality improvement to commissioners and regulatory bodies. The Care Quality Commission request evidence on the quality and safety of the care that is provided and expect organisations to demonstrate explicitly that quality assurance is provided from wards to Boards.


How can we help?

We can support teams to make sustainable clinical quality improvements, which are able to provide valuable and strong evidence for CQC and professional portfolios demonstrating delivery of high-quality safe care and actions taken to ensure continuous improvement through our work with your ward and clinical teams.

Alamac specialises in partnering with ward based clinical teams to improve quality and performance, developing sustainable change. Alamac focuses on developing metrics with the teams based on what is important and relevant to the staff in their delivery on the best patient care. These metrics are collated into our Kitbag that provides a central repository and reporting system to enable teams to know how they are doing on a day by day basis. Central to, and important in our approach, is the emphasis on the engagement of the whole team and providing relevant and credible evidence of the quality and safety of patient care available at ward through to Board level.

Alamac supports its partners with a bespoke team of highly skilled and successful professionally trained leaders and clinicians, who have a diversified skill set and a proven track record. The team can engage at all levels within an organisation and with clinical and non-clinical staff teams.


Working with you to make genuine improvements

Alamac works with NHS Nursing and clinical leaders to ensure ward and clinical teams are engaged in the process of identifying metrics to support the delivery of high-quality safe care to all patients. Alamac uses the SAFER concept at ward and departmental level to ensure the outcomes are delivering improvements not only at ward level but throughout the whole patient pathway.

Underpinning our approach for ward and clinical teams to sustainable improvement is:

  • A simple process:
  • We work with ward and clinical teams to capture daily operational, people and quality measures which are relevant and important to their delivery of care such as:
  • Acuity and dependency
  • Staffing
  • Safety and Quality
  • A clinical approach
  • We embed a disciplined approach with the whole ward or clinical team where transparent information is reviewed and acted on daily, actions agreed and delivered
  • A unique technology
  • We use a unique and simple cloud-based tool for triangulating data, helping teams understand trends as well as cause and effect measures


But that’s not all…

We provide valuable and strong evidence for CQC and professional portfolios of delivery of high-quality safe care and actions taken to ensure continuous improvement

  • We produce bespoke, timely and relevant reports for ward and Board level
  • We provide on-site support and coaching to help senior nurses, operational leaders and clinical frontline teams to implement change, overcoming culture barriers through behavioural change
  • We analyse data identifying cause and correlation of key measures which impact on performance and delivery of desired outcomes