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We help teams to identify and collect that data which will allow them to create daily, rapid interventions which deliver results quickly. Our method creates long-term behavioural and cultural change within our partner organisations, creating improvement which can be measured, monitored and managed in real time.

We develop teams to diagnose system issues daily and in real time.
We develop teams to diagnose system issues daily, in real time, and to form actions to tackle these issues. We then help your teams to create a daily prediction for the impact of each improvement, giving them a measure of each action's outcome. We then support your teams to ensure that the action delivers the benefit needed.

Using a clinical method to drive systemic change.
Our daily practice of review, diagnosis and action is based on the long-standing, proven clinical method used by healthcare teams.
As a doctor would review his/her patient daily, so we review the information daily. And as our clinical colleagues would use this data to prescribe action, this system information is used to make non-emotional observations and drive the most appropriate actions to achieve real benefit.

Our technology, The Kitbag, is a cloud-based tool for collecting and collating information.
The Kitbag is a cloud-based tool for collecting and collating information that is powerful in presenting and triangulating data - helping teams to understand performance trends and the 'cause and effect' of key measures.
The objective information provided by Kitbag creates the foundation for the daily assessment and evaluation of performance which sits at the heart of our clinical method.