Alamac COVID-19 Data Capture

The Alamac COVID-19 Data Capture Tool and Dashboard is now live with our current customers.

It is helping wards, facilities, organisations and systems to grip the situation, take appropriate action and report status.  It can also be quickly deployed in care homes, in private hospitals and other settings.

It enables confirmed and suspected incidents of COVID-19 to be tracked daily at and monitors capacity, staff pressures and risks.


A picklist of measures are available to include in the dashboard including those which are nationally defined. The dashboard can be set up in a matter of days and it can work in a temporary facility where there is no IT, a care home, private hospital, in an acute or community hospital and across an ICS.

Key individuals take responsibility for entering information into an online tool at least once each day. This is in a simple questionnaire format takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Capacity, Staffing and PPE issues at a site, ward or system level are then immediately visible.

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